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Find your Self.

The most comprehensive approach to character psychology and artistic health available

Build your characters.

Customized Coaching and Masterclasses for Actors, Writers, and Directors. 

Whether you’re an individual or a team of storytellers, a customized program will transform the way you work. With Character Mapping you will gain powerful techniques that you can return to over and over again.

Self paced, online Masterclasses bring rich, believable characters to life. Assess gaps and strengths in  your current process.  Learn how self awareness impacts a character's relationships to others, to the audience, and to you.

Character Mapping comes to you: In Person or Online.

​Contact us to bring Character Mapping to Writer's Conferences, Acting Program, Production Meetings, Professional Trade Groups, Podcasts, etc.

Accessible wisdom & transformative practices for self care, healing, and creative growth. 


Internal Family Systems

Integral Theory



Right Use of Power

and other modern psychologies

A comprehensive approach to character development. 

Dive deep without exhausting yourself in the process.

Tell more effective stories. 

Fill your work with compelling, authentic characters that draws audiences in.

Learn from a trusted expert. 

Taught by Mariel Pastor, a seasoned psychotherapist and international Lead Trainer for Internal Family Systems (IFS) parts work. 

Reliable practices for personal and professional growth.

Master tools you can return to over and over again. 

Your characters are waiting...

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