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Serious Look


Customized one-on-one coaching with Mariel Pastor. Learn reliable practices for self care and dynamic growth

One-on-one Coaching is customized to you. We will begin with what you’re already doing that's working -or not working - and where you want to go.


Sometimes it's clear at the outset. And sometimes it takes my skill as a therapist and trainer to know where to focus for your greatest benefit.  I’ll reshape your questions to unlock your creativity and wisdom as we embark on a journey through the character’s known and unknown worlds. 

Film Crew


Transform the way you work - with characters, yourself and other collaborators - develop tools you can return to over and over again.

​Whether you act, write or direct, Character Mapping will fill your work with rich, authentic characters. Tell more effective stories. Dive deep into other realms without exhausting yourself in the process.

Gain a fresh approach to your relationship with characters, with yourself, and with your craft.


Learn reliable practices for self care and dynamic growth to use time and time again, to build your characters and find your Self.  

Taking Notes

Live Workshops

In person or live online immersion of our masterclass series. Customized for groups of actors, writers and directors.

In-person or live online immersion of our master class series, customized for groups of writers, actors, and directors.

Workshop and Live trainings may include:  

  • Resolving creative blocks

  • Befriending challenging characters

  • Integrative character analysis

  • Script analysis

  • Creative team dynamics

  • Character study for personal growth

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